A story of an Eastern European guy who worships a Hindu god

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A sharp August sun makes my banging hangover after a farewell party even worse. I try to ignore it because this moment is very important. I don’t know it yet, but it will stay with me forever. A row of Indian men, women, and children stretches in front of me. The subject of their interest?


It is the end of the international folklore festival in my hometown and I am a guide of this group from Gujarat in India. During the past six days, we spent every waking hour together. …

A message to all American friends

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“As long as people are people, democracy in the full sense of the word will always remain an ideal. One may approach democracy as one would a horizon, in ways that may be better or worse, but which can never fully be attained. In this sense you, too, are merely approaching democracy. You have thousands of problems of all kinds, as other countries do. But you have one great advantage: you have been approaching democracy for more than two hundred years, and your journey toward that horizon has never been disrupted by a totalitarian system.”

— Václav Havel, Speech to…

Yet, we are in the prime position for a better future

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Humanity has never been dumber.

Yes, the technological advancement of the last decades is remarkable. We continue to produce and construct wonderful creations, as we always did. We have raised the quality of life to unprecedented levels and won many battles against our eternal adversaries — poverty and child mortality have dropped significantly.

But this war is neverending and right now we face many vital challenges, most of them of our own making. …

Discuss to learn, discuss to teach

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What do you see when you look all around the world?

I see people following dogmas, groups with opposing worldviews blaming each other, I see all of us blindly maintaining our thought patterns and denying whatever confronts our established beliefs.

We shut the external world to protect ideas we hold dear.

Dialogue has become a lost art. In the post-factual world, people don’t care about the truth. Emotions move the needle of public opinion, they defeat the facts most of the time.

To influence the masses, you need to evoke the strongest possible emotion, positive or negative, and then you’ll…

We should celebrate them as much as we can.

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Running on trails… (Photo by Brian Erickson on Unsplash)

Running is a hip thing. Often it seems like all the cool cats run.

“You don’t run? That’s weird.”

You may be tired of a dozen friends telling you running is the activity we were born to do, convincing you it is essential to become a healthy individual.

But maybe you don’t like to run. Yeah, it can be as simple as that. It just bores you. That’s fine. You can still choose plenty of other activities, movement practices, and sports. What matters is to find the one we truly enjoy and then actually practice it for years and years.

Yep, the City of Hundred Spires :) Love it as well! I am from Ostrava, but spent six years in Prague studying the Charles University. I love the city with all my heart, its genuis loci is so strong and so mystical.

Enjoy your stay in Prague, Mitchell, hopefully it will be a long and prosperous one :)

It is not today; today I run

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In his running memoir, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Haruki Murakami confesses:

I’ll be happy if running and I can grow old together.”

This speaks to my soul. I can’t and don’t want to imagine my life without running. It completes me.

But at the same time, I’m not fooling myself. A day will come when I put on my shoes for one last time and hit the road towards the running sunset.

Maybe all those years of sitting behind a keyboard in the pursuit of a writer’s calling will result in unbearable back pain. I…

How to have charisma like Will Smith’s famous character

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Who wouldn’t want to be like Mike Lowrey? An heir to his parent’s fortune, a playboy, and a nightmare for all the Miami gangsters.

Ever since I saw Bad Boys as a kid, I was in love with the movie. I was hooked by the cocktail of exciting action and the hilarious bromance between the two cop partners.

I was also fascinated by Will Smith’s character. Mike Lowrey’s charisma is not only through the roof, it reaches up to the stratosphere.

I wondered what makes him so special? …

Personal experience of a former project manager

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Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Success is a formless concept. You can come up with dozens of its definitions and still be surprised how some of us determine it.

Is it quantifiable? If we classify success as the amount of money we earn, then sure, we can measure it. But what if success means having fulfilling work that not only generates money but also benefits the wider circle of people. How do we scale it in this case?

Is the project successful only if it achieves the predetermined goals? …

The seasons will change soon

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“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?

— John Steinbeck

Winter is bleak. Short days bring long shadows; long nights are short in brilliance. Add the pandemic to the mix, and you’ve got a perfect cocktail for a restless mind.

But winter is natural. Remove it from a cycle, and it will break. Winter is essential for our planet to keep rolling.

Winter is also righteous. It kills everything that serves its purpose and conserves whatever will come to fruition later.

It’s a time when things slow down, so they can…

Jan Vajda

Freelance writer, project manager in two NGOs active in culture and education. On Medium, I write about the body, mind, soul, and community.

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