History is a mirror that reflects every one of us.

You’re 18 years old boy about to graduate from high school. You don’t know what to do next in your life. Since you like challenges, you choose the most prestigious university in your country and apply for one of their most challenging programs.

This is what I did.

At 19…

It means you are ready to spiral up

“The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.”

Barry H. Gillespie

Our personal journeys are not linear. We don't climb the simple staircase, step by step approaching success (whatever it means for you).


Jan Vajda

Freelance writer, project manager in two NGOs active in culture. On Medium, I write about the body, mind, soul, and community. Contact: vajdajan9@gmail.com

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