I continue to be absolutely amazed by your responses. First of all, thank you for your kind words. Every day I continue to doubt my integrity, but hopefully it is a sign of awareness.

Your LinkedIn post is beautiful. I believe there is absolutely no difference between personal and professional, but so far haven't been able to reach this state uncompromisingly. Only six months ago I told my boss I quit my job. I also told him I ain't gonna look for another one. I will find a way to make living doing things I love, things I am good at, things that will make me a valuable member of society/community. So, since then I've been working on this path.

Thanks a ton for your continuing inspiration, Myriam.

Freelance writer, project manager in two NGOs active in culture. On Medium, I write about the body, mind, soul, and community. Contact: vajdajan9@gmail.com

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